GPAC was formed to unify patient advocacies around the world and leverage collective resources to drive meaningful change in migraine patient care. Ultimately, IHS-GPAC aims to reach health care providers, policymakers, people living with migraine and those around them to drive recognition of the impact of migraine on the individual and society.

Our Vision

Create a world where migraine is understood and optimally managed

Our Mission

Help implement optimal standards of migraine care and raise awareness of its impact on the individual and society

IHS-GPAC Advisory Boards

Steering Committee
Core Team

Steering Committee


David Dodick MD (IHS/AHS/AAN)

Partner Society Representatives:

  • Zaza Katsarava (Lifting the Burden)
  • Wolfgang Grisold (WFN)

Patient Advocates/Organizations:

  • Kalina Tyminski (AFCAVF)
  • Carl Cincinnato (Migraine World Summit)
  • Deborah Henscheid Lorenz (Patient Advocate)
  • Audrey Craven (Migraine Association of Ireland)
  • Nim Lalvani (AMF)
  • Gus Baldwin (The Migraine Trust)

IHS Members:

  • Lars Edvinsson
  • Messoud Ashina
  • Peter Goadsby
  • Stefan Evers

Regulatory Organization Representatives:

  • Janet Köenig (EMA)

Core Team


David Dodick MD (IHS/AHS/AAN)

IHS Members:

  • Fumihiko Sakai
  • Cristina Tassorelli
  • Mario Peres

Patient Advocates/Organizations:

  • Alan Balch (NPAF)
  • Rachel Koh (Patient Advocate)
  • Elizabeth Leroux (Migraine Canada)
  • Howard Rosen (AHS)
  • Elena Ruiz de la Torre (EMHA)

Partner Society Representatives:

  • Allen Finley (IASP)
  • Uwe Reuter (EHF)
  • Amaal Starling (AHS)

Managing Partners:

  • Aaron Mitchell
  • Lisa Bance
  • Nikita Reznik
  • Jennifer Ntiri

Our Coalition Members

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