GPAC was formed to unify patient advocacies around the world and leverage collective resources to drive meaningful change in migraine patient care. Ultimately, GPAC aims to reach health care providers, policymakers, people living with migraine and those around them to drive recognition of the impact of migraine on the individual and society.

Our Vision

Create a world where migraine is understood and optimally managed

Our Mission

Help implement optimal standards of migraine care and raise awareness of its impact on the individual and society

GPAC Board of Directors

Chair: Audrey Craven (GPAC Chair/President, European Brain Foundation, Dublin, Ireland)

Vice-Chair: Olivia Begasse deDhaem, MD, FAHS (GPAC Vice-Chair/Clinician, Hartford Healthcare , USA)

Immediate Past Chair: David Dodick, MD (GPAC – Founder & Immediate Past Chair, Atria Institute/Mayo Clinic, USA)

Christine Lay, MD (AMF – Chair, University of Toronto, Canada)

Larry Newman, MD (AMF – Immediate Past Chair and AHS, Past President, Atria Institute, USA)

Fumihiko Sakai, MD (IHS – Past President, Saitama International Headache Center, Japan)

Pablo Irimia Sieira (GPAC Board of Directors, Clinician – Universidad de Navarra, Spain)

Daisuke Danno, (GPAC Board of Directors, Clinician – Headache Center, Tominaga Hospital, Osaka, Japan)

Nim Singh (AMF Vice Chair, GPAC – Board of Directors/Patient Advocate, USA)

Rachel Koh (GPAC – Board of Directors/Patient Advocate and AMF – Board Member, USA)

Clarinda Cerejo (GPAC – Board of Directors/Patient Advocate, India)

Heather Phillips, M.Ed. (GPAC – Managing Director/Patient Advocate and AMF – Staff, USA)

Wireko Andrew Awuah (GPAC – Board of Directors/Patient Advocate and AMF/Patient Advocate, USA)

    Amy Wickstrom (GPAC – Board of Directors and AMF – Executive Director, USA)


Our Coalition Members

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